The Re-Do The Patio Design

This project involved re-designing an existing patio space for a client who loved to cook and entertain. After visiting with the client and touring her property, I suggested placing raised beds around an existing patio area, and creating a raised, circular herb garden in the center.  This would allow her to easily access vegetables and herbs while cooking, and added visual interest when she entertained guests.

Design Completed: 2015

Digital Walkthrough

Every design includes digital walkthroughs, which both the client and I use to get a better sense of how the final design will look.  I create multiple walkthroughs as I progress through the design process, and will view them with a client so that I can get their feed


Every client receives plans for their design, printed on 18" x 24" paper.  I generally provide a design overview, as well as printouts that provide more details on different aspect of the project.  My goal is to clearly communicate what the clients needs to do, or what a contractor needs to do, to install the design.

DesignLinda Kelso