The Add Some Edibles Design

For this design, the client wanted a flower garden that also included edibles. Flowers blooming spring through fall were important, as were a few show piece plants.  The client also wanted a work area, a fountain, and a patio/pergola area where she could relax with friends and family. Because the garden is in a heavily deer-trafficked area, the client opted to use edible herbs, some of which will be used for cooking, while others will be allowed to go to flower to support pollinators. 

Design Completed: 2017


Digital Walkthrough

Every design includes digital walkthroughs, which both the client and I use to get a better sense of how the final design will look.  I create multiple walkthroughs as I progress through the design process, and will view them with a client so that I can get their feedback.


Every client receives plans for their design, printed on 18" x 24" paper.  I generally provide a design overview, as well as printouts that provide more details on different aspect of the project.  My goal is to clearly communicate what the clients needs to do, or what a contractor needs to do, to install the design.

DesignLinda Kelso