The Fill The Yard With Flowers Design

The clients requested an update to their existing design, which only included a garden bed at the front of their home and around their mailbox.  They particularly wanted beds on both sides of their front yard sidewalk, on either side of their driveway, and around a deck in the backyard.  Priorities included fragrant flowers, roses, and cut flowers.  

Design Completed: 2016


Digital Walkthrough

Every design includes digital walkthroughs, which both the client and I use to get a better sense of how the final design will look.  I create multiple walkthroughs as I progress through the design process, and will view them with a client so that I can get their feedback.



Every client receives plans for their design, printed on 18" x 24" paper.  I generally provide a design overview, as well as printouts that provide more details on different aspect of the project.  My goal is to clearly communicate what the clients needs to do, or what a contractor needs to do, to install the design.

DesignLinda Kelso