6. Grow Your Gardening Skills With The Master Gardener Program

Need a little help learning to garden, or want to identify a garden pest, or maybe you need to test your soil or figure out the name of that tree in your backyard? Did you know that if you live in the United States there’s probably a place you can visit near you that’ll help you get answers? It’s called the Master Gardener Program, and you’ll learn all about it in this episode!

Today I’m changing up the format a little to do an interview with someone I’m really excited to introduce you to!  My friend Dianna is a Master Gardener co-ordinaor with a degree in landscape design and maintenance.  

The Master Gardener Program is a volunteer organization that helps educate and assist gardeners in the community.  It is available in every state in the US, and is an amazing resource for home gardeners.

In today’s interview, we’re going to get to know Dianna a little better, but we’re also going to talk a lot about the Master Gardener program, and how it can help you become a better gardener!