2. Healthy Backyard Ecosystems Mean Happier Plants

Did you know your garden is actually a thriving, busy community of plants and animals? That community is also known as an ecosystem, and it’s made up of lots of living and non-living parts that interact with each other in amazing and interesting ways.  

In this episode, I talk about how an ecosystem works, and share some of the practical, entirely do-able small scale ways you can help your garden ecosystem.  In return, you may discover your plants are healthier, you deal with fewer pests, and more birds, butterflies and other beneficials move into your garden!

If you're listening to this episode before May 22, 2017, you can participate in the Backyard Ecosystem Challenge to win free access to my online course, Gardening to Attract Birds & Butterflies!  The challenge is accessible via The Earth Friendly Garden Patreon community for anyone that joins at the Apprentice Gardener level.