14. Earth Friendly Garden Design Is Legit

Over the next 4 episodes, I’m going to share what I’ve learned as a garden designer.  I’ll talk about techniques you can use to create an earth friendly design, but I’m also going to share design basics.  I’ll also go more in depth on one of my favorite techniques: edible design. Plus, I’ll share some tips on both hiring a designer, or DIYing it yourself. 

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12. Pruning Isn't So Scary After All

Pruning. It can be really, really intimidating.  It intimidated me when I started learning how to do it, and I know for a fact it intimidates a lot of my clients (and friends, and family).

And that’s legit, because there are a lot of bad pruning techniques out there, and not a lot of people who know how to do it properly. So today’s topic is. . .how to properly prune! 

The basis of good pruning is understanding plants. And by that I mean understanding how they grow, when they flower or fruit, and when you need to strike a balance between what you find attractive and what is actually best for the plant.

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9. Easy-ish Organic Weed Control

Weeding. Yeah. Not a fun task.  I mean, I’m sort of ok with it, but only because I put on my headphones and listen to awesome podcasts while I get to work! Even for me, though, if the day is hot and humid and there are a lot of weeds, it’s absolutely zero fun. That’s why, in this episode, I’m going to share ways to keep ahead of the weeds, alternatives to herbicides, and how to reduce the time you spend on this necessary chore.

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7. Earth Friendly Garden Maintenance Actually Really Works

Whether you’re growing a few tomatoes, or creating a full landscape design, you can practice sustainability by minimizing the resources you use to create and maintain your garden, and also minimize the waste that it produces. 

But what does that look like, practically speaking, as a gardener? In this episode, which introduces the next series in season 1, I focus on earth friendly garden maintenance, and how, yes, it actually does really work!

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6. Grow Your Gardening Skills With The Master Gardener Program

Need a little help learning to garden, or want to identify a garden pest, or maybe you need to test your soil or figure out the name of that tree in your backyard? Did you know that if you live in the United States there’s probably a place you can visit near you that’ll help you get answers? It’s called the Master Gardener Program, and you’ll learn all about it in this episode!

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5. The Secret to A Bird & Butterfly Filled Garden

Attracting more birds and butterflies is a priority to a lot of gardeners.  First of all, it’s a lovely thing to sit outside and listen to birds singing to each other while you watch colorful butterflies visit  flowers. But second of all, and just as important, there are many bird and butterfly species that are struggling, and by creating a welcoming space for them in our backyards, we can help them.

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