Do you want a beautiful, sustainable landscape or garden?

My goal is to create a design tailored to you and your property.  View my portfolio.


The Landscape Design Package includes all of the following:

Getting To Know You

The first step in creating a design best suited to you: getting to know you. During our first visit, we will tour your property and discuss your vision for your landscape.  Later in the design process, a follow up visit will make sure we're on the same page, and the design is progressing in the direction you like.

Getting to Know Your Property

After the first visit, I spend time gathering and analyzing information about your property so that I can thoroughly understand existing conditions. This helps me create a design that suits your property, or perhaps even solves some landscape problems like drainage or pest issues.

Design Previews

Worried you might end up with a design you don't like?  I provide two preliminary design drafts as part of the design process. For each draft, I schedule a meeting so I can hear your feedback, and after each meeting I revise the design based on our discussion. 

Final Design Package

The final step in the process and your landscape design!  The Master Plan includes:

  • a detailed landscape design of your home that a contractor can use to install the design
  • a computer generated walk through video so you can have a clear visual of what your final design will look like
  • a list of all plants and materials used in the design