Looking for other like minded gardeners? Want access to behind the scenes videos and pictures from my life as a designer? Then join the Earth Friendly Gardener Pateron community!

What in the world is a Patreon Community?

Patreon is an online platform that connects patrons (you!) with creators (me!).  Patrons provide monthly support so creators can keep on, well, creating.

Patrons also become a community that forms around an interest or a creator.  Once you're a supporter, you get access to each other, and more access to me! You can ask questions, connect with other gardeners, and a lot more.

But you own your own landscape company! Why do you need monthly support?

In addition to garden design and maintenance, I'm passionate about providing resources for other gardeners.  I do that in the form of my blog, my podcast, and my online courses. 

But I want to do so much more! I want to create videos and other resources, and continue to innovate in the way I teach and help others.  All of that? Well, it takes money.  My goal is that the teaching side of my business would one day be self-sustaining, and for that to happen, I need you!

All right, all right, I want to help you, but, what do I get out of this?

Lots!  In addition to a community of fellow gardeners, I share behind the scenes pictures of my projects and video tours of public gardens.  There are also a series of garden challenges throughout the spring, summer, and fall that will help you grow your skills and become a better gardener.

You'll also get access to my podcasts a week early, and you even have a say in future projects I work on that provide more resources for, you guessed it, you!

How do I become a Patron?!

Love that you asked! You just hop on over to my Patron Page, and decide how much support you want to send my way each month.  The amount of support you provide will determine what you have access to as a patron, although ALL patrons at every level have access to the community and to the challenges I create.