Winning the War on Weeds

As gardeners, we wage a never ending war against weeds! And although it may seem simpler and quicker to use herbicides to "win" the war,  the potential damage done to you, or your pets, or your garden's ecosystem may not be a worthwhile price to pay.

Fortunately, with the right technique and the right tools, you can definitely start winning the war without herbicides!   


Proper Technique

Video by iScaper1

Yes, there IS actually technique that comes into play when you weed.  Improving how you go about this chore can save you a lot of time and effort! In this video, iScaper1 discusses several great techniques, many of which I use when I work at a client's home.


The Right Tools

Video by NM State Univeristy

Think that the only garden tool that applies to weeding is the hand trowel? Are YOU in for a surprise! There are lots of options out there, and what you use is going to depend on your soil, space, and the kind of weeds you're dealing with.  New Mexico State University created this great video that shows you some different tools, and how to use them.



How are you winning the war on weeds, without using herbicides? Share in the comments!


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