Replace Your Lawn: 3 Fun Ideas

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the biggest waterhogs in the average American home is the lawn.  Keeping it green and lush requires, especially on hot summer days, a LOT of water.

One simple way to save that water? Reduce lawn size! And why not reduce it by replacing it with something fun?  Here are three ideas!


Backyard Bocce Ball Court

Video by LandscapingNetwork

Bocce ball courts are gaining popularity, provide a fun activity on summer afternoons, and will definitley eat up some lawn space! A regulation size court is about 8 to 10 feet wide by as much as 91 feet long. . .but this is your backyard and your bocce ball court, so feel free to make it the size you want!  Watch the video, by Landscaping Network, to get an overview, and for a detailed how to you can check out this article by Popular Mechanics.

Fire Pit

Video by CrypticCricket

Adding a fire pit to your landscape means that you can enjoy your garden even after the sun goes down! It also creates a fun space to gather with family and friends, or maybe just a place to sit and reflect on your day.  Plus, you can be extra earth friendly by using recycled, reclaimed, or local materials to create it. For a quick and easy fire pit tutorial, check out this video by CrypticCricket

Ponds (That Do Double Duty)

Video by Handyman Magazine

A pond can add beauty to your garden design while reducing lawn space. . .but did you know it can also provide nutrients for your plants?  In this video, Handyman Magazine explains the how you can connect your pond to your garden, creating a system where the plants get nutrients from the pond water, filter it, and have it return to the pond. So, you end up with a pond that looks attractive, but that's also a sustainable element in your garden!

Remember: before starting any project, check local ordinances and any home owner association rules to make sure you're in compliance! 

Have you replaced your lawn with something fun or useful? Share your ideas (and pictures!) in the comments.

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