Earth Friendly Pest Control

Did you know that only 1% of allllll the insects we've identified are considered harmful? Yep! That means that the majority of the bugs in your yard or garden aren't causing any problems, and they may even be beneficial to you or your plants! 

Wondering which bug is which, and how to deal with the "bad" bugs?  I created a course to help you out!  In it, you'll learn how to tell the "good bugs" from the "bad bugs," and discover how you can use beneficial insects (aka the good bugs) to help control the pests.  

Throughout the course, you'll develop a customized Action Plan for dealing with insect pest that are living in your backyard.  This Action Plan will help you determine what insects call your yard or garden home, if they're actually causing harm, and how and when to take action.

Plus, you'll learn about:

  • alternatives to pesticides that can lead to long-term benefits for you, your garden, and the animals that share our outdoor space.  
  • creating a yard or garden that is a thriving, healthy space that naturally keeps the pest population in balance. 
  • instances when you might want to consider chemical control, and what the least-toxic options are. 

And since you read my blog, and I LOVE it when people read my blog, I'm offering you a super special coupon so you can get the course for just $15!  Click here to redeem it, and watch the first few lessons for free


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