Loving Your Garden During the Winter

When fall ends and winter starts, many people think the gardening season is over.  But that's not true!  Sure, the hard, outdoor work of planting, maintaining, and harvesting might be done, but now it's time to take stock and start dreaming about next year's garden or landscape!  


The end of the season, and the beginning of winter, are a great time to pause and reflect.  What were your biggest success? Failures? What did you learn? What do want to learn?  

The lessons gained from the current season might SEEM like they'll stick around in your brain, but you'd be amazed at how much you can forget.  So, when you have some time, sit down with a notebook and answer some of the above questions.  Then, re-visit your notes in the spring!


The best part of the quiet days of January and February? They're a chance to dream.  Pull out that notebook again and write down what you want to accomplish in your garden or landscape this year, what you want to plant, what you want to avoid, and what projects you want to take on.   Draw sketches, take pictures of your landscape while it's still barren, and keep it all in mind for spring.


If you really want to make a large scale change in your landscape, winter is the perfect time to work with a landscape designer.  By the time the design phase is finished, spring will be here and it'll be the perfect time to make the design a reality.  

I hope you have a wonderful winter of reflection, dreaming, and designing, and I'll meet you back here at the Designer's Notebook in the spring! 

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