Handy Seed Starting Resources

When starting seeds, you need to know a few basics, like the last frost date for your area, if your seeds can be transplanted (some, like beans, don't handle it well), and how soon you can start them indoors.  The following resources will help you figure those things out!

Planting Dates

Farmers Almanac Frost Free Dates (US only) - This will give you the average last frost date and recommendations for different crops, AND you can search by your zipcode.
Farmers Almanac First and Last Frost Dates for US - Another chart with average first and last frost dates.  This one includes links to a Canadian chart.

Tracking Your Plants (and Transplanting!)

Organic Gardening's Seed Starting Chart - You can fill in the chart to help you track when to start your seeds, and when to plant them outside.


Seed Pots: Garden Betty's DIY Newspaper Seed PotsYou Grow Girl's DIY Toilet Paper Roll Seed Pots
Potting Soil: Potting Soil Recipes from Organic Gardening
Light: Growlight from Burpee

More Information:

Why your windowsill usually isn't the best place to start seeds (along with other great recommendations)

Are you starting seeds this year?  What are you growing?

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