Planting Fall Bulbs That Thrive

If you want tulips, daffodils, and other early spring bloomers in your garden next year, now is the time to plant fall bulbs!  Just be aware that there are some steps you can take to help make sure what you plant this fall grows back healthy and beautiful year after year.

Invest in High Quality Bulbs

This time of year you can buy bulbs from almost anywhere, including your neighborhood big box! But that doesn't mean you should.

The quality of the bulb you purchase determines how likely it is to grow and produce a healthy plant year after year.  It's worth it to invest a little more in a higher quality bulb.  

Bottom Line: You may want to avoid the big boxes, because even though they offer the best price, they may not offer the best long term value.  And definitely DO NOT use bulbs from last year.  Your best bet is to buy fresh bulbs from a company that specializes in them, or that has a great reputation.

Plant Early

The more time your plant has to establish a root system in the fall, the better! What stops that process? A deep ground freeze.  So, try to plant bulbs in early fall, when the ground is still toasty warm from summer and cold weather is still a little ways away.  

Bottom Line: The earlier you plant, the better your bulbs will probably do!

Fertilize and Water

When you plant, fertilize using something like Holly-tone.  Just dump a little right into the planting hole.  Then, cover with soil and water well because watering helps the bulb absorb all those nutrients you just gave it.  Continue to water deeply until the ground freezes.

Bottom Line: Feed your bulbs well for better blooms in the spring.

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