Inspiring Edible Garden Designs

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Edible garden design is a great way to combine the pretty with the practical! By replacing lawn with mixed beds of edible plants and ornamental plants, you're breaking up monocultures, adding interest to your garden beds, and providing food for yourself, your neighbors, and even the insects and animals who share your yard! 

Stepping away from the "vegetables in the vegetable garden" mindset can be a challenge, though, so here are some video tours of 4 great edible garden designs to inspire you! As you watch, note how the homeowners and designers are using plants to solve problems, like compliance with HOAs, hillsides, and tiny spaces!

Front Yard Edible Garden

Video by FlutingAround

The great thing about edible design is that you bring the edibles out of a small garden in your backyard, and integrate them into your entire garden design! That includes the front yard, and in this video, the homeowner did a great job mixing ornamentals and edibles in a very sustainable way.  Note how she added structure to the edge of her front yard by adding a little wall, that she is focusing on diversity of plants in her garden, and that she has included native plants.  

HOA Friendly Design

Video by VeganAthlete

Home Owner's Associations + edible landscaping = issues? Not necessarily! If you're subject to the rules and regulations of an HOA, take some tips from this designer! The front yard doesn't look all that different from the neighbors, and most of the action is taking place in the back yard. There's a lot of structure created by pathways and defined beds, and they even made use of walls around their property with vertical garden beds.  

Terraced Hillside Edible Design

Video by KLRU

Many homeowners deal with hillsides, and edible design is a great way to utilize that sometimes difficult space! In this hillside, the homeowners had to deal with drainage problems, which is why they opted for terracing.  The have multiple roles: preventing errosion, providing food, beauty, and sustaining local wildlife.  There are some classic design elements too, for instance sitting areas where they can enjoy the garden!

Small Space Patio Design

Video by SPACEStv

No huge yard? No problem! You can still use edible design in small spaces, like rooftops, patios, and balconies, or just tiny backyards.  For these kinds of spaces, the trick is using containers and utilizing vertical space. The garden in this video includes edible flowers, herbs, and few other plants mixed in with ornamentals.  The homeowner is using plants to serve multiple purposes, including privacy and to make boring wall space more interesting!

Do you mix edibles and ornamentals in your garden? Share some pictures and tips in the comments!

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