DIY Garden Design Ideas for Unusual Spaces

If you're thinking about designing your garden or landscape, it can help to see what others are doing, and to hear from the experts! This is especially true if you have an unusual space, like a long, narrow yard, or a balcony, or maybe even a community garden.  If that's the situation you're in, check out these videos for some ideas!




Small Garden

Video uploaded by DecoBliss. Watch this and other related films here

For many of us, a small yard is a reality! The good news is, it's entirely possible to have a lovely garden design in a small space. In this video, uploaded by Deco Bliss, garden designer Linsey Evans shares some ideas and techniques for making the most of your small space. 

Some of her suggestions include blurring the edges of your garden, using contrasting foliage for interest, and creating a false perspective to make small spaces look larger.

Community Garden

Community gardens are a great option when you live in an urban area, but they can work in any place where you want to create something that will bring your community together!  Since this is a garden for a larger group of people, the garden itself needs to be, of course, large, and should offer lots of different plots.

There are some other unique considerations with community garden design, and this video by MooseGoose1418 offers a great overview of the actual creation of a garden, and some of the  problems they had to deal with (deer!!), and the way the community came together to help create this space.

Container Garden

Video by Costa Farms.

If you're garden space involves a balcony, or patio, or perhaps a rooftop, then container gardens are a great option.  Costa Farms explains some design basics when using containers, so that you have a nicely designed garden that fits your small space perfectly!


Visiting the Garden Center

Video by ehowhome.

Ok, ok, a garden center isn't actually an unusual space, but once I saw this video I HAD to share it here! At some point, you'll be ready to visit your local garden center to pick out plants, and that can be fun. . .but also a little stressful because there are so many options.

 In this video by ehowhome, P. Allen Smith has some great suggestions on what you should take with you, what you should look for, figuring out color combinations, and some ways to narrow down allllll those plant options and find what will really work well for you!  

Have any tried and true design tips you use in your own garden? Share them in the comments!

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