The Secret to a Bird and Butterfly Filled Backyard

For the last two years, I worked with a landscape maintenance company, and that allowed me to see beautiful backyards on a daily basis. At some of those properties, I heard lots of birds singing and saw butterflies and bees visiting flower beds.  At other properties? Not so much.  What was the secret? The answer can be found in wildlife habitats.

What In the World Is A Wildlife Habitat?

Simple! A wildlife habitat is a place that provides wildlife with food, water, shelter, protection and a place to raise their young.  The animals that share our spaces rely heavily on plants to provide most of these things, and some plants (particularly native plants) provide more than others.

Why Would I Want Wildlife in my Backyard?

Encouraging wildlife in your backyard is mutually beneficial. It benefits wildlife by giving them food and shelter, and it also benefits you by creating a more balanced ecosystem.  That's a good thing to have, because it means more natural predators for pests (and less reliance on pesticide), and more pollinators to pollinate your plants (resulting in, among other things, more fruit and vegetables if you have a garden).

How Can I Create a Wildlife Habitat?

So glad you asked! You can plant native shrubs that produce flowers, fruit, berries, or nuts.  You can create a water garden or just set up a bird bath.  You can hang up a bird or bat house.  You can refrain from using pesticides and herbicides on your property. For more information, and to see how your backyard can be certified as a wildlife habitat, check out the National Wildlife Federation's website.

Want to Learn More?

I have an entire online course about creating a bird and butterfly filled backyard!  I go waaaay more in depth on everything mentioned here, and give you LOTS of practical tips and projects to try.  Click here to view the first 3 lessons for FREE!