A Few of My Favorite Seed Companies


When I was new to gardening, I only knew about major seed companies like Burpee and Gurneys.  I loved looking through their catalogs and websites, and thought they had everything (more than everything!) that a gardener could ever want.  Gradually, though, as I learned more and talked to other gardeners, I discovered lots of other seed companies: some that specialized in heirloom seeds, some that were strictly non-GMO, some that published catalogs with gorgeous illustrations, and some that focused on very specific gardening niches.  I even created a board on Pinterest just for seed companies that caught my eye!

Most seed companies will publish and mail their catalogs in December, so now is the time get on their mailing lists (or, bookmark their sites if you want to download a pdf).  Here are some wonderful seed companies you might just want to consider!

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange isn't your traditional seed company. It's a non-profit run by its members, who save, share, and sell heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. That said, you do not need to be a member to order seeds, and Seed Savers offers a catalog and sells seeds to the public just like other seed companies.  In addition, they offer memberships that provide access to more seed varieties, a 10% discount on orders, and other benefits.  You can request a catalog here.

Baker Street Heirloom Seeds

I recently discovered Baker Street Heirloom Seeds, and bought my first seeds of the season from them.  They have a great selection, and I also really enjoy following their adventures on their Facebook page.   Their seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated and non-patented. Click here to request a catalog

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests' mission? Education. As one of their founders comments: "I like to say that we're a gardening education company that just happens to sell seeds."  You can expect seed packets full of useful information, and a website and seed catalog packed with helpful tips and inspiration.  Botanical Interests signed the Safe Seed Pledge, which means they do not sell GMOs, and they have a selection of heirloom and organic seed varieties.  You can request a catalog here.

The Cook's Garden

The Cook's Garden tagline is "Seeds & Plants for Gourmet Gardeners," and they offer not only seeds but recipes. The cook in me LOVES that! Their seed selection includes many organic and heirloom varieties, as well as varieties from both America and Europe.  They sell vegetables, herbs, fruit plants, and flowers (including edible flowers). You can request a catalog here.

Kitazawa Seed Company

Kitazawa Seed Company specializes in Asian vegetable seeds, so you can find varieties that may never even show up in the pages of other catalogs!  Some examples: Poha BerryJicama, and Balloon Flower.  You can request a catalog here.

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Do you have a favorite seed company or catalog?  Please share in the comments!

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