Upcycling Projects That'll Help You Attract Birds & Butterflies

There are lots of projects out there that will help you attract more birds and butterflies to your garden.  Basically, anything that provides the appropriate food, water, and shelter is going to do the trick!

But you can go a step farther with these kinds of projects by using recycled materials.  I've included three ideas that will get you started, and I am telling you there are gazillions more videos and tutorials where these came from.  If you have a particular animal for whom you want to provide food or water or shelter, do a little research to figure out their preferences, then see if someone has made it before!

Butterfly Feeder/Water Dish

Video by eHow

This video from eHow provides a great tutorial on making a super easy butterfly feeder (or water dish, depending on how you use it).  You can watch the video for a quick visual of how it works, or click here  for a link to the directions.

While the focus is on using it as a feeder, you can use it as a water dish by adding a little bit of water and putting small stones or other objects for the butterflies to rest on while they take a drink! And keep in mind that you won't just have butterflies visiting, you'll get all sorts of insects. . .so perhaps consider putting this somewhere where you can watch your visitors, but not be too up close and personal with them!

To make this an upcycle project, just visit your local thrift store to find plates, or use one you already have around your home.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Video by UpcycledStuff. 

Have some extra wine bottles laying around, and some hungry birds in the backyard? Then consider upcycling those bottles into a wine bottle bird feeder! For an easy DIY project, watch this video from UpcycledStuff.  

If you want to get a little fancier, and you have woodworking equipment on hand, there is an additional video here.


Garden Spaces

Video by UpCycled Stuff

Even if you live in a rented space, or have a small backyard, or just don't have much ground, you can still create garden spaces. These are crucial for attracting birds, butterflies, and other insects and animals because they provide food, shelter, and a place for them to lay eggs and raise their young.  

Using upcycled materials to create your gardens is a great way to go! Not only are you re-using something you might otherwise throw out, but it can save you money too.  This video by UpCycledStuff gives a wonderful walk through of a garden that utilizes all sorts of recycled materials in creative ways, and as she mentions you can find a lot of the project on her blog

Have you used upcycled materials in your garden? Share what you created or used in the comments!