4 Important Midsummer Landscape Tasks

The hot months of midsummer are typically a slower time for garden maintenance companies.  The early spring rush to clean up and plant is over, and it's not yet time to plant some colorful fall flowers or prep for winter.  

Plus, let's not forget. . .it's hot out there!

Even though summer's heat makes working outside unpleasant, there are still some crucial landscape tasks that need doing if you want healthy, thriving plants.  Here are few I recommend!

Check Plants for Pests and Disease

Summer is when many insects are busy eating, mating, or laying eggs.  And, it's also when certain diseases could be attacking your plants.  So, the hot days of summer are a great time to walk around you landscape and check your flowers, shrubs and trees.

Specifically, look for leaf damage, like holes, chewed bits, or white or dark spots.  You can also check branches--if a lot of branches on a plant seem damaged or dead, it is a fairly good indication that something may be wrong. 

Now, if you see extensive signs of pests or disease, I highly recommend calling a professional.  Properly treating certain pests has to be done at the correct time in their life cycle (usually when they are feeding).  Properly treating a disease depends on correctly identifying the problem! And that isn't easy, if you haven't had training.

Heavy Pruning

If you have any overgrown shrubs, or anything that you think needs a heavy prune, summer is a good time to take care of it.  A heavy prune in summer gives the plant enough time to recover before cold weather sets in, and it also may give it enough time to set buds again if it blooms in early spring.


Probably the most unpleasant task in hot weather is weeding!  But, it's really crucial.  If weeds get out of control in the summer, they will bloom and go to seed creating. . .more weeds!  Spending just a few minutes a day, or an hour a week, tackling weeds will save you a lot of work over the course of the growing season.  Plus, it's great exercise!


Speaking of weeds. . .if you notice a lot popping up in certain garden beds, it might be time to re-mulch!  Although I usually recommend mulching in the early spring, mid-summer is a good time too.  

Just remember to thoroughly weed or apply a thick layer of cardboard, newspaper, or other light-blocking material before you apply the mulch!

Mid-summer landscape tasks are just as important as spring planting or fall clean up, and if you take care of your plants during this toasty time of year, you will see the benefits all the rest of the season! 

Linda KelsoComment