DIY Soil Tests

Knowing your soil texture--the percentage of clay, sand, and silt in your soil--can help you become a better gardener! That's because soil texture play a big role in how quickly water moves through the soil, and how long it's available to plants to absorb. As a result, you can figure out how often to water and how often you may need to add nutrients to your soil.

Fortunately, you can determine soil texture in your yard with two simple DIY tests!  Here's how:

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Winning the War on Weeds

As gardeners, we wage a never ending war against weeds! And although it may seem simpler and quicker to use herbicides to "win" the war,  the potential damage done to you, or your pets, or your garden's ecosystem may not be a worthwhile price to pay.

Fortunately, with the right technique and the right tools, you can definitely start winning the war without herbicides!   

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Pro Tips: Maintaining Your Garden Tools

If you're reading this post, I'm betting you have some garden tools laying around.  Maybe a trowel, or hand pruners, or a shovel. . .and whatever the tool, at some point you'll need to maintain it.  In fact, regular maintenance ensures your tools are going to be more effective, safer, and require you to put in less effort as you work. 

Here are 5 helpful videos that show you how to maintain your garden tools!

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Creating a Garden Bed From Scratch

Do you have a lovely lawn that you want to convert to flower beds? Maybe not even the entire lawn, just that one bit, over there. . .the part that's covered in grass. The one you KNOW is going take so. much. work . to turn into a garden. 

Here's my 6 step process for creating a garden bed from scratch.

5 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Invasive Species

Invasive species are a huge economic issue, costing the US alone $120 billion per year due to the damage they inflict on plants, property, and other native species. As a homeowner it can seem overwhelming to think about fighting back.  Invasives often have few to no natural predators, and may not respond to more earth friendly forms of control.  So, what can you do?

A lot, actually! Here are 5 ways you can fight back.

Inspiring Native Plant Gardens

Adding native plants to the garden is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Not only do native plants support their local ecosystem, they can look lovely in the garden.

If you're considering native plants in your garden, public gardens are a great way to get inspired and see how plants look all through the year.

Loving Your Garden During the Winter

When fall ends and winter starts, many people think the gardening season is over.  But that's not true!  Sure, the hard, outdoor work of planting, maintaining, and harvesting might be done, but now it's time to take stock and start dreaming about next year's garden or landscape!  

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Winter Garden Prep

Colder weather will be here very soon, and winter soon after, and that means it is time to prepare your landscape! There are some tasks that you should definitely take care of now for a healthier landscape next spring. . .while others? Might just harm your plants in the long run.  

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